Friday, 22 July 2011

"It's My Party" Dessert Table for 6th Birthday Party

Hi all. Today I'd like to share with you my daughter's 6th birthday party.

The theme I chose was "It's My Party" with a modern princess twist.

I designed all the printables, made all the food, did the decorations, coordinated the games and activities and took the photos. Yes, I am crazy!

It was a big, big effort, but my daughter, Lily, was very appreciative and had a great time – which made it all worthwhile.

Printables will be available in my Etsy store, Sweet Scarlet Designs soon. Just buy, download, print and created yourself. Print That Party!

"It's My Party" Themed Dessert Table

The jelly (Jello) cups were a hit. They are easy, economical and they add great colour to the table.

The food had pink theme as well and I made sure I healthy options as well. I also had a separate "Parents Table" with adult versions of the food and tea and coffee. I had to have a large table and lots for food as I was catering for 16 party guests and their parents.

This is the vision I had for the theme. I wanted my daughter to wear a custom-designed t-shirt that said "It's My Party". The modern princess look came from the crown design. The t-shirt transfer printable will be available in my Etsy store soon.

The cake! I kept the design quite minimal as I knew I would be short on time. It's a two-tier butter cake with raspberry buttercream filling. The bottom tier is covered with royal icing and the top tier with fondant. The crown is made from gumpaste and painted with edible metallic paint.

Invitations, party dots, cupcake toppers, food and drink labels, bunting, thank you dots, t-shirt transfer and more will be available as DIY printables in my Etsy store soon. Just buy, download, print and create. Easy. 

Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and gumpaste crown and wand toppers.

Our face painter and fairy extraordinaire, Miss Abigail,  did a fantastic job. All 16 guests had a custom face paint design and  they loved it!


  • birthday cake
  • cake pops
  • chocolate brownies
  • fruit platter
  • lemon poppy seed cupcakes
  • chocolate cupcakes
  • coconut ice
  • pink lemonade
  • assorted lollies & candy
  • face painting
  • pinata
  • make your own pom pom wand
  • make your own fairy bread
  • pass-the-parcel
Thanks to Sharnel Dollar Designs where I source a lot of my cake stands and candy jars.

I hope you liked this party design, only 4 weeks until the next party!



  1. Beautiful!!! It was my little one's 5th b-day a few days ago. I had her party at a place called Pump it Up cause I knew I just couldn't handle a party at my home since my hubby just had eye surgery. Now I have to start work on a mommy and me tea for the 8-11 year old girls at church. I think I might do something in pink and brown - one of my favorite color combos.

    I love the texture on the buttercream layer of the cake. Very simple and elegant.

  2. wow what a huge effort! Its amazing you did it all yourself. The whole table is beautiful, I really love the cake. I'm sure your daughter would have been over the moon.

  3. @Clair: Thanks so much. I've had a Pump It Up Party too! Pink and Brown is a great colour combo ... Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream comes to mind. Good luck with your event :)

  4. @Butterhearts: Thanks so much for your lovely comments. My daughter did love it - her friends' did too, she was very happy which made it all worthwhile.

  5. Hi Elsie –
    I have been searching for this for MONTHS! So maybe you could help
    The long pink straw/tube candy you have in the background of this picture what is it called?
    It is my absolutely favorite but I cannot remember the name for the life of me!

    Thanks a ton the party is ADORABLE!


  6. Wow! You did an awesome job and I love anything pink and I will never get to use girly theme cause i have a little boy. Where did you get the jello cups?


  7. Thanks Nan!

    The Jello cups are disposable wine goblets - just the supermarket variety.
    But any plastic cup will do.

    Hope this helps.


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