Sunday, 8 February 2015


This Valentines Day I wanted to try something very on trend and modern, so I came up with a Bohemian Valentines Printable Set and Dessert Table. I love the sweet arrows, the feathers and the backdrop which turned out great, using just paper and real feathers, glitter, beads and washi tape hanging from a branch. I'll being hanging this one in my daughters room after the party!

I kept the party treats simple and DIY with vanilla cupcakes, popcorn, jell-O Cups, sugared doughnuts and milk bottles. 

These decorations including the large arrows (made from balsa wood) and the other decorations for the pencil classroom favors, straws, cupcake picks and doughnut arrows were great fun to make. Hope you like them too!

This Bohemian Valentines Printable Set is available in my Etsy shop as an instant download, and includes the elements you see here and more HERE

2" Party Dots & Straw Flags, Printable Patterned Feathers, glitter and washi tape
help decorate these cupcakes, cute arrows and Jell-O cups.
Printable Bottle Labels, Straw Flags, Small Swing Tags, 2" Party Dots and Editable Food Tents
are all included in the printable set.

The hanging backdrop is made using Printable Patterned Feathers, real feathers,
glitter, string and washi tape. I LOVE this backdrop! Any Pencil can be used to make these fund classrroom Valentines Favors using printable small swing tags, printable feathers, beads and washi tape.
The Bohemian Valentines Printable Set can be purchased as an instant download in our Etsy shop here:
Happy Valentines Day to all!!!



  1. I generally love your printables. This, not so much. I am Native American. I am not liking the feathers with Native American style pony beads fashioned into arrows or feathers hanging from a stick to look somewhat like some our ceremonial items. I am not understanding why it is labeled "Bohemian" either. According to the Webster's Dictionary, "Bohemian" means, a native of Bohemia. I am confused. I also am saddened that parts of my culture would be called "modern" or, "on trend". It is a race of people. One who has suffered enough. Please don't make it a trend, or label it Bohemian, or fashion into a printable for a child's party. It just isn't meant for fun or fashion. Thank you.

    1. Hi there, I am sorry if you were offended by this design - it was not my intent. The Bohemian name refers to a wanderer, whimsical or gypsy lifestyle, and the arrows are a spin on the idea of Cupid's Arrow for the Valentine's holiday. The design is not intended as a direct reference to Native American culture, nor any other culture who used arrows, beads and feathers like the Aztecs or early Europeans - but a source of inspiration. The design is intended as a fun aesthetic for a Valentines party - certainly not created with any disrespect. Please accept my apologies for any unintentional offence, Elise.